Verdusie B.V., using the trade name Road Rapid International, is the successor of OSO Enschede BV, which started up in 1948 as a supplier of machine parts. Throughout the years OSO Enschede BV specialized itself to improve quality of life in the water sector as well as the sector for affordable though sustainable infrastructure.

Road Rapid International is focussing on sealing (hardening) roads for areas that suffer any weather conditions. We have developed a special product, called Road Rapid that will strengthen the road in an environmental friendly manner, through a permanent ionic exchange (bond) within the soil. So instead of absorbing (rain) water it will be water repellent. If you compare this to the traditional way of making roads, it is very cost effective  but still has the same features. This is the perfect solution for creating roads. The costs bear only a fraction of the price if you compare it with asphalt  roads. The perfect solution with a very sustainable character!