The testing phase

To make sure you will optimally benefit from the end result you first have to test the soil. The better you test, the better your end result will be. First of all you have to determine the % of clay, loam or clayey silt within the soil. This should be at least 15%, to make sure that the right ion exchange / bonds occurs.  The next step is to determine the pH value of the soil. If the pH degree does not exceed the 8.0, than Road Rapid will have an optimal result. To make sure that the tests results will be reliable, we advise to test at appr. 20 litres of soil for every 0.5 km.  You need to collect soil from the sides as well as from the middle of the road, to achieve the best result. If the colour of the soil changes or you see a difference in landscape, than it is good to take a sample of that too and mark the site.

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